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Corps et âmes
Passager du temps 2010
La brocanteuse 2010
Transparence 2010
Boulimie Télé

Printmaking is Josée Charbonneau’s favorite media and way of expression. 
Her work is based on a dynamic between form and image. 


“ Images fly away before even coming into my eyes ”, she says. 

Using photography, she creates visions inspired by her unconscious and by the power of childhood imagination. She likes to transpose the images of our century. Through photoengraving, her pictures are always in process and unique. Copper gives each piece a color from the old times. 


“Write your sorrows in wet sand, engrave your joys in copper.” 


Writing is part of Josée’s work. Embossed words bring a sensual dimension to the visual image, transforms space into purity and abstraction, and helps fighting writer’s block.  


“Passage” is an important step in Josée’s creative quest. 


Groupe exhibition

Galerie Luz 20.06.14 au 16.07.14 

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