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Photography is Josée Charbonneau’s favourite medium and means of expression.  She approaches her works on paper by using the organic shape of the image in a spatial environment. Using photoengraving, she creates visions inspired by her unconscious and the power of

her childhood imagination. Through photoengraving,

her pictures are always evolving  and unique, evoking

the spirit of the sea, with its complex currents and

shifting winds.


With “Water’s edge“ Josée Charbonneau presents  an important step in her creative quest. 


The eight virtues of the Koi Carp have been a source of inspiration in her artistic research: There is no fixed port, no purpose, live  life in the present moment, ignore the straight and narrow, evolve with ease in uncertainty, appreciate your community, remain calm and serene, swim against the current back to the source. 


Solo exhibition

Galerie Luz 24.04.15 to 11.05.15

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